Saturday, January 1, 2011


New Years is here!

For me I have been thinking about New Years resolutions for a while now, asking people what there's is going to be, and just trying to think of what I want to do, If I want to do anything. I don't usually ever really make any New Years resolutions, well, except get super skinny, so that I can actually like the way I look..(as I roll my eyes at myself.. I need to get over that) we can say though my follow through in the past hasn't worked. ( not to my expectation, that is.) And thats okay. I am where I need to be.
this year i'm thinking about doing things a little different.


Different how? um... I'm still trying to figure that out.
I heard something on some commercial on the T.V. about re-learning something, I wasn't really paying attention so I don't even know what they were advertising but when I heard that I thought, thats it. Thats what I want my 'New Years resolutions' to be about, re-learning.
I am grateful with my life the way it is, I am grateful with the things that I have learned, and the experiences I've experienced, I am grateful with the things that have taught me, and helped me grow, into who I am. But, with that said, I would also like to re-learn some things.
I want to be a better me.
I want to be a happier me.
I want to be a more optimistic, trusting, loving, compassionate, honest, me. I want to be kinder to myself. I want to be more loving to myself. Now, this may all sound very selfish, and even self-centered, and maybe it is a little bit. But I can't tell you how sick I am of feeling like 'one' day i'll be good enough. Not right now but 'one' day in the future I'll be enough. Instead of thinking like that, I want to 're-learn', I want to be good now. I am a person of value. I have a purpose, maybe its just to be kind to the little kids that come get there haircut at my salon, maybe its something bigger, but whatever it is I am ready to re-learn how I feel about myself. I think a lot, if not everyone can relate to this, and that is why I am putting it out there. I think a lot, if not all of us are too hard on ourselves, thinking that we are not enough, where we are at. because we are not where someone else is, or we just aren't where we "think" we need to be. I say WHATEVER to that, I have a God that created me, who is aware of me, who loves me and because HE is God If i wasn't where I need to be he would do something about it. My God is all powerful, all knowing and all loving. He has the power to do anything, and everything, so knowing that I know I've been where I need to be, and I am where I am because I should be. That thought gives me hope.
That thought gives me peace.
I know I am a spiritual being here on earth to progress and to learn.
I want to progress, and I want to learn.
This year I am going to re-learn some things. This year I am going to try to re-learn a lot of things. This year maybe you want to re-learn some things? And maybe it just starts out by trusting.
trusting and believing that even though it may seem like its in the future, whatever it is. Its actually enough now. perfect now. right in this moment its just right. now.

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