Wednesday, December 22, 2010


growing, growing, growing.

we each have something to learn, everyday.
some people learn fast.
some people learn a little slower.
neither is wrong.
there are no mistakes.
life is life. it is.
its life. it just is.
You were a born a baby. you are enough.
you cried. you are still enough
you grew to a toddler, you are enough.
you disobeyed, you are still enough.
you grew more. everyday. every. day. you are enough.
every day you are enough.
you made mistakes. you are enough.
you made them again. you are enough.
you learned, you are enough.
you are the same person as that baby that was a baby and was enough then, you are enough now.
now believe it.
we all have things to learn. I hope we can all be taught the way that helps us learn the fastest. and i hope we can do things to remind us of what we have learned so we don't forget and need to learn it again.
sometimes things happen that you wish didn't but they did. If you dream hard enough you cant change what has already happened. maybe you wish it didn't happen, maybe your having a hard time moving on. but even if that's the case you are still enough. doesn't matter how long you think about it. it doesn't matter how long you dwell on it. you will learn. but you do already know. try to remember and just believe you are enough. say it say it say it. until you know it know it know it. because whether you believe it or not, you are enough.

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