Sunday, April 22, 2012

tender mercies and lovely experiences

I believe that God works through people. He uses us as tools to help each other. A couple days ago I had the strong sense that I needed to clean out all of the old clothes that I don't wear anymore. seems simple enough. I just was looking at them and I was feeling like they were caring a lot of un needed negative energy. I pulled out everything I had, and piled it on my bed. It was a HUGE pile. I started to feel extremly overwelmed and as dorky as it sounds I knelt down and I said a prayer asking for help in getting rid of the things that I didn't need anymore but also asked to help me keep the things that I would need. A couple years ago I purged myself of almost everything I had and later regretted getting rid of a lot of the things that I did. This time I wanted guidance. Turns out three days after I had gotten everything together I met a girl. She was a single Mom, and we some how got talking about clothes she told me that she doesn't hardly have any, she borrowed some clothes from a friend of hers because she didn't have anything nice to wear for a job interview. She said she had one pair of jeans, a pair of shoes she had had for 10 years and a couple shirts. I was able to give her all of my clothes that I was getting rid of. I felt and still do feel really grateful to Heavenly Father for helping me listen to the prompting to get rid of the clothes I don't wear, they were beautiful clothes I just for whatever reason didn't wear them. That little experience made me feel so good. It made me feel really grateful to be able to help her out. kindness matters. I think its important that we ask for guidance everyday and instead of looking for "signs" to be guided, we just do. We just go about our life's and because we have asked and have that desire what is needed to happen will happen. God will lead us, He will help us and through him we can do good.

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