Friday, November 16, 2012

Gods hands.

I've been feeling like i've wanted to write this down for a while.. I use to work at Cookie Cutters. Its a hair salon for kids. I loved my job. I really enjoyed the people I worked with and I loved working with Kids. I had been doing it for several years and the owner of the salon I was working at had asked me If I had ever thought of owning my own. I thought that I wanted to do it. I was redirected. I went on a trip with a friend actually I had thought that I would start saving money so I could buy a franchise of Cookie Cutters but that trip redirected me. Mostly because of a boy. but I won't go to much in to that... haha!. I felt like i needed to quit. I didn't know why. I didn't know what I was going to do. I quit. I didn't work for a couple months. Went to lunch with my Mom and her friend for her birthday ended up finding out about an adorable boutique that was hiring. Started working there. Met the cutest girl in the world I learned so much from her. She was my manager, and I thought she was a doll. I really loved working with her. After a series of events was led to a new job. Peerless Beauty supply. I felt like It all worked out so wonderfully fell right into place. Worked there a while. I also really liked the girls I worked with there. Felt like I learned a lot from them as well. But. One day a girl walks in She works at Sports Clips. Hey. I wanted to work there once I actually interviewed with them once but didn't get it I told her. She said. well we are hiring. A couple days later the manager of Sport Clips comes in. long story short. I feel like I was directed again to a new job. I love the girls I work with I really enjoy working for SportsClips. Now, I am moving to Arizona in about a week. I am transferring Sport Clips stores I am thankful for this opportunity I am thankful that I am able to do this. I feel like this is the right move. I am excited. a little nervous. not so much just excited and grateful how things work out. Lets see where Gods hands lead me next. I believe things work out. And happen for out best interest. (for a reason. :))

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