Monday, November 15, 2010

what did i just say?

Yesterday in church we heard a lot about the holy ghost, spiritual promptings. In Relief Society we talked about the importance of writing down any and all your spiritual promptings or times we feel we were led by the spirit. Today at work I felt like I should start a blog about all my promptings, so I can remember them. So I can read them again, and remember the love the Savior and my Heavenly Father have for me. Proof that God has his hand in my life.

For me I have felt the spirit in many different ways. This is a story about one way I have felt it.

When I moved to Ohio to work as a nanny, I got there on a Wed. worked the following Thursday and Friday then had the weekend off, Saturday and Sunday. I had wanted to go to the local LDS church out there to meet people, since I knew absolutely no one. Not really even the family I moved in with, I mean I had met them one weekend before I moved in but that was it. So I was really really nervous to ask to use their car. I went up stairs started talking with the Mom and then chickened out in my head. I thought, I'd just go the next Sunday.

Then all of the sudden out come the words, Can I use the car? I literally surprised myself. The Mom was so nice and was like, Of course you can. It was really funny I was like, okay. I guess I'm going to church.

I didn't know where the church was. but I had an address.and a time it started, I asked the Mom if she knew where the street was that the church was on, she didn't. So I just figured that it was a small enough town I could drive around until I found it. Hey. I was good at driving around aimlessly... anyway. so I get in the car and I think; Okay, Heavenly Father if I'm suppose to be at church I need you to help me get there.

I'm driving and Then the thought, OH yeah! I can call my Mom and she can map quest it for me! I thought it was brilliant. I call her, its about 730am her time but she answers, I tell her what I need her to do, So she gets up to go get onto the computer. I look at the sign at the street in front of me and it says, beech street. hahahahaha. oh my goodness I think. I just found it! I start laughing on the phone with my Mom, I'm like, Mom! I just found it. I drove straight to it! hahaha. that's funny.

So I go inside church. I met SO many friendly nice people that Sunday. So many people I'm still friends with now. But the funny thing is I met a girl there that later became my best friend, I believe I needed her while I was out there living in Ohio we just clicked right away. Her and her family welcomed me into their family, and the funny thing is if I would have waited till the next Sunday to go, like I thought I had decided I was going to do, I would not have met her, the next Sunday she wasn't there. actually the next couple Sundays she wasn't there.

I know I was suppose to be at church that day. I know I was suppose to meet her. looking back. I KNOW I was directed by the spirit to get there. Did I know it while it was happening. No. Things just worked out. It was what I refer to as effortless action. acting. but being obviously led.

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