Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It is or it isn't.

I doesn't believe in coincidences why should I? I have a God who is aware of me, my needs and every aspect of my life. Do I understand how he could, or even does do it. How he's so aware of me. Not even just me every other spirit child he has created. No. of course I have not a clue. but I have faith. Have I wondered if he is even paying any attention, yes.
but, Each day I would like to doubt a little less and know a little more.
So I choose to not believe in 'coincidences'. I have trust. I have hope. I have Faith, that my life is how it should be. I am living the plan he has for me. I am the plan he has for me. Do I see someone else's life and think that should be me, I should have that. Do I think it should be different, sometimes do. But I feel like that must be just part of growing as a human being. Learning to not compare just love. love and trust that as you do good you choose whats right for you. You have the life you are destined to have. You have everything you have ever wanted, and you can have anything you want now. You are evolving changing growing learning trusting going and doing.
God is God.
God created me.
God created it all.
There mere thought of his power and hand in my life gives me so much hope. so much comfort. so much peace. I choose to feel that way. I have faith in his awareness of my life.
He loves me. I love him.

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